Career Advice


This service is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about your future, the type of job you would like to do or simply need help on course choices.


What ever it is our advisors are here to help!





If you feel you need extra support in setting and achieving goals, our dedicated mentors are here to support, and coach you into your desired career path.


Our mentors are here to:


• Set goals and support you in achieving them


• Agreeing and writing action plans


• Offer advice and strategies to deal with challenges


• Help and support you adapt to any change in your life





Everyone goes through some challenges in their lives, at those times your family members and friends may not fully understand or don’t know what you are going through.


In those times you are welcome to come and talk to us. We offer a fully confidential, non judgmental service; all our councillors are trained and are happy to be a listening ear.