About Us


Driven was founded by Nana Afari in July 2011.


It was born out of a love of young people and a conviction, that given the right platform and opportunities our young people can

be a vital asset in our economic and social growth.


Our main vision is to Inform, Empower and Enable young people to become an asset to their community through the following activities:


• Employability workshops- supporting young people get back into work, education and improving their skills to compete effectively in the labour.


• Business Development training for young people.


• Mentoring service for young people.


• Counselling service for young people.


• Day Nursery for young single parents using Deztiny Driven services.


• Career talks/workshops in schools, colleges and youth clubs.


• Caring out research into the needs of young people.


• Engaging, Empowering young people to deliver Deztiny Driven community projects.